Spectroscopy and Peptide Synthesis Platform


The spectroscopy and peptide synthesis platform from the Laboratory of Bioimaging and Pathologies (LBP – UMR 7021) is devoted to the measurements of absorption and fluorescence spectra and to the synthesis of peptides. The platform currently includes 5 instruments:

  • Fluorimeter
  • UV-visible absorption spectrophotometer
  • Circular dichroïsm spectrophotometer
  • Microplate reader
  • Peptide synthesizer

All members of the UMR 7021 as well as external users from academic structures could have access to the platform according to the following price list.

The booking of the instruments could be done via Activplanning website.

Remark : New users had to contact first the platform manager to follow instrument trainings in order to acquire good measurement practices and recommendations for use


Horiba Fluoromax 4


  • Xenon lamp 150 W
  • Emission spectra (290 - 850 nm)
  • Excitation spectra (220 - 600 nm)
  • Sensibility : S/N > 3000:1 RMS (Water raman peak)
  • Temperature controller by Peltier effect ( -10°C / +110 °C)

E005 Room


UV-visible spectrophotometer

Shimadzu UV-2700i


  • Deuterium and tungsten lamps
  • Spectral range : 190 – 900 nm
  • Double monochromator, double beam

 E005 Room


Circular dichroïsm spectrophotometer

Jasco J-820


  • Xenon Lamp 450 W
  • Dichroism circular spectra (180 - 800 nm)
  • Temperature controller by Peltier effect (-10 / +110 °C)

E007 room

Booking  (Contact Nicolas Humbert directly)

Microplates reader

Safas Xenius


  • Microplates reader equipped with monochromator
  • UV-visible absorption spectra
  • Fluorescence emission spectra (190 nm - 900 nm)

Salle E007


Peptide synthesizer

Coming soon