Translational, transversal & therapeutic oncology (ONKO3T Team)

Research areas  Team leader : Sophie MARTIN

Using patient-derived primary tumour models in 2D and 3D organoids/tumoroids that are more relevant from a translational point of view, our team is studying how the tumour functions in its environment. Our aims are: 1) to identify cancer cell targets capable of preventing tumour cell maintenance, progression or resistance to therapy and/or microenvironmental targets capable of altering the tumour ecosystem to make it unsuitable for survival and 2) to discover new phenotypic, prognostic and predictive biomarkers of response or resistance to treatment. By integrating key aspects such as the microenvironment (through co-culture techniques or the use of microfluidic chips) and taking into account tumour heterogeneity (cellular, molecular, epigenetic and genomic), we are carrying out an exhaustive spatial multiomic (genomic, transcriptomic, translational, proteomic, metabolic and epigenetic) and functional (via our preclinical oncology analysis platform PAPO) characterisation of these models. Our aim is to identify therapeutic targets and relevant biomarkers in adult brain tumours (Dr Monique Dontenwill and Dr Damien Reita), paediatric brain and bone tumours (Pr Natacha Entz-Werlé) and head and neck tumours (Dr Sophie Martin). These diseases currently have a very poor prognosis.

OnKO•3T includes biologists, pharmacists and clinicians from Strasbourg University Hospital and the Strasbourg cancer institute ICANS. Some doctor-researchers did their thesis in the team and continue their hospital work with a research component within OnKO•3T. By developing fundamental, pre-clinical and translational cancer research, our aim is to translate our data into clinical practice. OnKO•3T is a founder and partner of the EN-HOPE SMART4CBT Integrated Research Centre of Excellence in Paediatric Oncology, which has be accredited by the INCA in 2023 and is directed by Prof Natacha-Entz-Werlé.


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