The Laboratory of Bioimaging and Pathology

The aim of the Laboratory of Bioimaging and Pathology is to use multidisciplinary (biology/chemistry/physics) and multi-scale (from molecule to patient) approaches to study, at both fundamental and applied levels, the properties and roles of a limited number of key biomolecules involved in various pathological processes. Our approach is to develop new therapeutic and diagnostic approaches in oncology and microbiology based on information obtained at the fundamental level. A key feature of the unit is the parallel development and characterisation of innovative fluorescence-based tools, methods and techniques to answer these questions. This multidisciplinary approach, which combines the development of innovative fluorescence and imaging tools to address biological questions, is unique in the French scientific landscape. The laboratory is organised into 4 teams:

The Laboratory of Bioimaging and Pathologies ensures also the management of 3 platforms located in the Faculty of Pharmacy:

UMR 7021 CNRS/Unistra

LBP - Laboratory of Bioimaging and Pathologies
Université de Strasbourg
Faculté de Pharmacie
74 route du Rhin
CS 60024
F-67401 Illkirch Cedex

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