Welcome to Elisa Bombarda, professor assistant

Nouvel entrant

Elisa Bombarda joined the team "Biophotonics of molecular and cellular interactions" at LBP. She will be mainly involved in the characterization of fluorescent nucleoside analogues to study the dynamics and function of G quadruplexes. Elisa will also be involved in methodological development.

After studying Physics in Italy (Milan and Florence, 1996), an Erasmus internship provided the opportunity to consolidate a PhD in Biophysics under the supervision of Y. Mély (Strasbourg, 2000). Her thesis focused on the interactions between NCp7 protein and nucleic acids and zinc, studied by fluorescence spectroscopy. Her doctorate also included long stays in Frankfurt, in the laboratory of E. Grell (MPI Biophysics), where Elisa worked on rapid kinetics in solution.

Elisa was promoted to Maitre de Conférences at the University of Strasbourg in 2000. In 2006, she obtained an administrative detachment to the University of Bayreuth in Germany, where she was awarded a Marie Curie Post-doctoral Fellowship from the European Commission, followed by a Group Leader position funded by the German Scientific Funding Corporation (DFG). During this time in Germany, Elisa obtained her HDR (Habilitation zur Professur) in Biophysical Chemistry. Her interests have always focused on the thermodynamics and kinetics of macromolecular interactions and enzymatic reactions. In parallel, she has been involved in the investigation of protonation and oxidation reactions in macromolecules with a theoretical approach. Furthermore, unexpectedly for a physicist, Elisa has conducted organic chemistry work, and patented a dark fluorescence quencher.

Back in France, Elisa naturally joined Yves Mély's team, where she aims to contribute her new skills with the original enthusiasm.